7 Points to Improve Chicago

By Communications
February 15, 2019
1. Cut Taxes and Red Tape

Cutting taxes across the board puts more money in the pockets of Chicago taxpayers to save, invest, donate or spend. Cutting red tape across the board makes it easier for folks to set up and operate businesses. Lower taxes and regulations make Chicago more attractive to new residents, businesses and investors.

2. Adopt a City Charter

The people of Chicago can put limits on the power of City Hall by adopting a city charter that protects the rights of its citizens, enumerates the powers of every facet of the city government, and creates a system of checks and balances.

3. Reform Criminal Justice

Ending drug prohibition in Chicago, even in defiance of Illinois law, will free up law enforcement to combat violent crimes. An elected Chicago Police Board puts the power in the control of the people and not the Mayor’s appointees. As eloquently put by Frederic Bastiat, “When law and morality contradict each other, the citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense or losing his respect for the law.”

4. Abolish Tax Increment Financing

Tax increment financing is a form of crony capitalism and creates distortions in the market. The taxpayers of Chicago have no business subsidizing private developers and projects.

5. 401(k) Plans For All New City Workers

Chicago’s current pension system is unsustainable. Offering new employees 401(k) plans puts their retirement in their hands and is a practical first step to resolving the pension issue.

6. Ban Red Light and Speed Cameras

Red light and speed cameras are a scheme designed to generate revenue. Fines from these cameras hurt wallets of working Chicagoans and the cameras do nothing to improve safety.

7. Reform Education

Expanding charter schools and empowering education entrepreneurs will give Chicago families even more options for learning. Making the Chicago Board of Education an elected body takes power away from the Mayor and back to the people.