Illinois Libertarian Polling at 8% for Governor

By Communications
September 22, 2022


CHICAGO, September 22nd, 2022 – In a recent poll of likely Illinois voters, 8 percent of respondents said they would cast their vote for Libertarian Scott Schluter this election. The poll, conducted by Republican Darren Bailey’s campaign, also found that taxes were the top issue for voters going into the polls.

“I am thrilled to be polling at 8 percent,” said Schluter, 35, of Marion. “This shows growing distrust of the two old parties who have overtaxed the citizens, stolen their freedom, and made Illinois a less desirable place to raise a family and do business.”

The poll results show promise for the Libertarian Party of Illinois. “The responses give hope that the LP could become an established party after this election, putting us on equal footing with Democrats and Republicans,” he said.

“The poll suggests voters are dissatisfied with both Democrats and Republicans and are taking notice of the Libertarian message,” said James Humay, Libertarian candidate for Cook County Commission in the 1st District, who is running in a two-way race against Democrat Brandon Johnson. “It’s time to put both parties on notice and vote for Libertarian candidates from the city council to statehouse.”

Schluter, a father and Air Force veteran, believes his platform best addresses the wants of Illinois voters as indicated by the poll. Taking to Twitter, he said, “If elected, I vow to veto any legislation that raises taxes and prioritize legislation that repeals the Illinois income tax.”

Other Libertarian statewide candidates on the November ballot include Bill Redpath for US Senate, John Phillips for Lt. Governor, Dan Robin for Attorney General, Jon Stewart for Secretary of State, Preston Nelson for Treasurer, and Deirdre McCloskey for Comptroller. Libertarian candidates for Cook County office include Thea Tsatsos for Board President, Joseph Schreiner for Clerk, Brad Sandefur for Sheriff, Michael Murphy for Treasurer, Nico Tsatsoulis for Assessor, Jason Decker for County Commissioner (District 5), and Brandon Sizelove for County Commissioner (District 11).

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Justin Tucker, Communications Chair